Oven-Ready Butterfly Shrimp Serving Suggestions

Tips and serving suggestions on how to use Green Ocean’s Oven-Ready Butterfly Shrimp!

Family Mealtime

The all time favourite fish & chip dinner, with a twist: bake some chunky seasoned fries and serve with the breaded butterfly shrimp. Add some lemon wedges and tartar sauce.

Having A Party?

For a quick appetizer, cut the top off mini pitas making an opening large enough for the shrimp. Put a dab of tartar or seafood sauce inside, adding a cooked Breaded Butterfly Shrimp with tail out. Garnish with a slice of dill pickle or red pepper.

A Healthier Option

Mix some couscous with roasted red peppers and cooked green beans. Heat through while your Breaded Butterfly Shrimp are baking. Enjoy them together with a tossed green salad for a quick dinner.

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